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Mangrove Restoration

Restoring critical blue carbon ecosystems. 10,000 mangroves planted in 2023.

Mangroves are a carbon-storing superpower, sinking 5x more carbon per acre than forests on land. It is estimated that three quarters of Puerto Rico's mangroves have been lost due to deforestation, illegal construction projects, and hurricanes. 

Part of Surfrider's Climate Action Program and in partnership with other organizations, students, and local communities, Surfrider Puerto Rico planted more than 10,000 mangroves in several critical locations in the northwest region in 2023. 

Benefits of mangroves


Coastal Plant Nursery

Currently, at Surfrider Puerto Rico headquarters, we have a small nursery where we bring seeds from
the coast to germinate, grow, and replant with volunteers in areas that are needed.

The nursery provides a space for learning about coastal species and their ecology. In addition, there is the
opportunity for volunteers to work in the nursery acquiring knowledge and skills. The
nursery runs 100% on rainwater.

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