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Our Work

Protecting Coral Reefs

20 years ago Surfrider Puerto Rico helped establish the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve (Rincon), one of the first community-managed reserves, and home to endangered corals.
This led to the creation of the Arrecifes de Isla Verde Marine Reserve (Carolina). We are currently promoting the creation of two new protected areas together
with local communities and organizations.

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Mangrove Restoration

In collaboration with other organizations, students and our local community, Surfrider Puerto Rico has planted around 10,000 mangroves in several critical locations in the northwest region in 2023. 

R.I.C Program (Coastal Interpretive Signage)

A public educational program to bring awareness to areas of high ecological value, beach & coastal access, and other environmentally important habitats.

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Center for Coastal Research and Restoration

Located in the Town of Islabela, and operating entirely from solar panels and harvested rainwater, this space provides a learning classroom where for schools, university students, organizations, and members of the community, as well as headquarters for our Blue Water Task Force.